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Jul 9, 2021

When I first started my company I didn’t have anyone but myself to manage my finances. Somehow I managed, but it wasn’t until I hired my CFO Buster that I got my accounting in order. That’s when I realized that I had a massive gap in my business that could’ve threatened it’s very existence

If you think you have that gap, then Kahuna could be exactly what you need to get your business flourishing. In this Podcast, we discuss everything that goes into their business as well as everything you need to get your accounting in order. Frank and Andy have been doing this for decades, so they know what they’re talking about. Tune in and learn, you won’t regret it.

0:00 Tom introduces Frank & Andy
3:17 The history of Kahuna
13:40 How to use accounting as a tool
15:44 The 5 essentials of business owners
17:57 How accounting makes you a better marketer
23:43 Starting a business: then and now
26:09 What Kahuna provides
30:06 Accounting horror stories
38:02 Discovering Accounting Assessments Special Offer
40:37 Closing Remarks