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Dec 4, 2020

Gerry Oginski is a medical malpractice and accident trial lawyer in New York. He started his legal career in 1988, working for Leahey & Johnson, a well-known defense firm on Wall Street, representing doctors and hospitals that were being sued. He decided to open his own law firm in 2002, and he now works for Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The power of video and how easy it is to do it yourself: Gerry has created more than 3,200 videos and shared them on YouTube. He provides simple tips on how to create videos people will actually watch and share with others.


  • How good, easy-to-understand content draws people in and keeps them coming back: Gerry suggests figuring out the path your clients take to get to you and then creating a variety of content pieces to help them along the way.
  • The secret to crushing your competition in organic searches: Gerry says you not only need to be energetic and enthusiastic but also educational and controversial to attract and keep viewers. He says it’s important to feel comfortable, be yourself, and create so many videos with related content that you push your competition out of the picture.