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Dec 5, 2019

When you’re planning for your future, reality and what you envisioned it to be are sometimes quite different. You might have all these great ideas, but when it comes down to it, luck and opportunity are what really work.


It’s really about planning ahead and taking what life hands you, and then adapting to make your practice what you want it to be. Florida Attorney Adam Rossen took advantage of criminal defense opportunities in law school to get a leg up on his classmates. Adam and Tom talked about how he secured speaking opportunities at traffic court and counselor conferences to help educate others, but to also bring business into his firm. 

Adam believes in giving his clients a Ritz Carlton experience, and making sure they know they are cared about and valued. What do you do differently to make sure your past clients are referring others to your firm? Find out how Adam’s marketing efforts have led to an increase in referrals and reviews.