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Mar 25, 2022

When SunTrust and BB&T banks merged into Truist Financial Corporation, nobody knew how the pendulum would swing. People were uncertain, and some of them were outright worried. However, through it all, Mike Metz remained a compassionate partner that had FWM’s back. Who knew a banker could actually be considerate about your business’s ambitions? 

Mike joined us this week to discuss:

  1. The Truist merger 
  2. How Truist has helped FWM
  3. Why you need a banker you can trust
  4. How a financial plan can enact your ambitions
  5. Truist’s wacky yet memorable advertising 


Having a companion with your best interests at heart can change the game and give you unexpected comfort in challenging times. Truist has proved this merger is no inconvenience; it is an opportunity for growth. 



0:00 Intro

2:14 The Truist Merge

6:07 The New FWM Building

8:18 The Importance of Community

12:53 Having a Banker on Your Side

15:12 The Sales World of Banking

22:15 Truist’s Attention Grabbing Ads