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Jan 13, 2022

There are people out there who have millions of followers on social media. They're also making millions of dollars, all while doing nearly the same things you're doing—well, almost. They're flying first class and never looking back. If you want to achieve that level of success, you have to step back and recognize some important truths.

Newsflash—IT'S ACTUALLY NOT DIFFICULT. It begins with an inward look toward what is important. It starts with you, your family, and getting your priorities straight. Only then can you look outward and determine the steps you need to take to become the successful self you know you can be.

Kim Walsh Phillips has walked that path, and she's honored us this week with her story on how she made it—and she's telling you how you can too.

It's not every day a business owner and self-marketer ends up influencing a million followers, but Kim has earned it. I'm not one to overstate the facts, and as a marketer myself with similar goals, her message speaks to me. I think it will speak to you, too. After all, we're in this together as we strive toward success and true inner meaning in what we do. 

Let's kickstart 2022 right with some proper motivation!

2:41 Moment of Realization

3:52 Digital and Online Doesn't Work? Explain THAT

4:26 It is about HOW YOU USE IT

5:21 Big Social Media Lessons! 

7:39 Secrets To Effective Social Media Marketing

8:34 Being Clear With Your Messaging

10:58 Kim's Intake Process <- You will want to hear this

12:40 The Most Amount of Results In The Least Amount of Time

15:05 Repurpose What You’re Already Doing

15:57 Define it Before You Refine It

17:09 Kim's Niche and Finding Yours