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Dec 30, 2021

Alex Frees is the son of a mensa, and it shows. He’s been able to bring his company, Credit Suite, from a 5 million dollar to a 15 million dollar company. Yes, he tripled it. He hasn’t done it alone though. He has used his connections and support from the tried and true successors in addition to his own genius to make that happen. Tune in to learn how he did it, we promise you will learn something new. 


Watch this episode of the World of Marketing to learn more about:


2:42 The influence of elder geniuses

4:18 Why Credit Suite and finding meaning in your work

7:52 The growth of Credit Suite and Alex’s role

13:36 The biggest marketing mistake of complacency 

17:19 Identifying your complacency

21:08 Alex’s biggest marketing victory 

24:54 The Funding 30 Challenge and its massive impact