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Dec 9, 2022

Gary Sarner is the Founder of ROI360+, a marketing company that provides innovative solutions and strategies to businesses with a focus on radio advertisement. Gary’s expertise in the broadcast industry has allowed him to gain a unique perspective on advertising solutions which he now implements to help businesses reach media success.

In this episode…

Our private and professional lives are almost completely digital; however, there’s a powerful marketing tool that has been left behind: radio advertising.

Although we may not think about radio as an effective marketing channel, we are surrounded by it everywhere. The radio station playing in the background of a cafe, the subway, or the grocery store is an effective advertisement method that works when people are away from digital distractions. When building a brand, it’s important to understand the market you want to influence in order to reach a much bigger audience. This is done by utilizing all marketing channels, not just the digital ones. Designing a creative message that clearly represents your company’s values can also help leave a lasting impression on consumers.

In this episode of The World of Marketing, Tom Foster, Jr. welcomes Gary Sarner, the Founder of ROI360+. They discuss the hidden potential of radio advertising, how to capture your audience with a clear and creative message, adaptive marketing strategies, how to reach a broader audience through other media channels, and tips on building a successful brand that lasts.