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Jul 1, 2021

So many people like you provide excellent services and truly care about their clients. But sometimes, we don’t see what’s right in front of us. This can cause issues, and you could be missing out on opportunities because of it. Luckily none of us are alone; we can reach out and get help from others who can fill in the gaps where we are weak. 


That’s why Foster Web Marketing and Ruby have partnered to provide the best web marketing experience you can find on the internet today. In this podcast, you’ll learn how Foster Web Marketing’s philosophy in tandem with Ruby’s excellent phone and chat answering services have helped our clients and others find great success and perfect lead-client acquisition.

Tim is becoming a podcast regular on the World of Marketing because Ruby’s services provide exemplary results.

0:00 Tom introduces Tim

3:25 Horror stories in communication

6:21 What do most people crave?

7:49 What are the MOST important types of content for your website?

12:18 Attract, Convert, Retain (hammering this one home as always)

16:26 The essentials of a mobile presence

18:08 Why you can’t rely on just SEO

23:44 The benefits of working with Foster Web Marketing and Ruby