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May 6, 2021

Everyone’s worst fears are speaking in public, asking for the sale, asking for a raise, asking for the job, asking to get married!

It’s all about communication.

In this episode of World of Marketing, I interview the lovely Carol Moore of Carol Moore Presents. Carol is a public speaking coach who realized the great need for communication coaching. She helps many professionals, including lawyers and doctors, and has devised several tactics to keep them engaging and confident. 

Nobody said public speaking would be easy. Even the pros have to practice these skills to perform on stage. It’s easy to let fear drag you down, but it’s much easier to fight off the fear after learning about these tactics. 

Here’s what we cover in this podcast:

0:00​ Meet Carol Moore

1:25​ How to speak bravely

3:06​ How it all started

5:56​ How to coach people to speak in public

8:43​ Affirmations to get you pumped

10:46​ Advice for you lawyers out there

14:56​ Recovery mechanisms

17:54​ How to focus on certain people to make it easier on yourself

25:45​ How to fix a conversation that goes awry

Enjoy and all the best,