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May 27, 2021

I’m a fan of the fantastic clients that Great Legal Marketing has referred to FWM over the many years I’ve known Ben Glass & Charley Mann. Ben and I started our respective companies together and have grown them like partners over the years. We have created, by accident, a great community of lawyers that are both GLM & FWM clients. Those of you who are part of that know what I mean. GLM provides lawyers that own a law firm with an enormous amount of fundamental, foundational, essential knowledge—logistics, operations, processes, marketing, and coaching. FWM is the “toolbox” and digital marketing aspect of the relationship.

So I was happy to have Charley Mann as my guest on the World of Marketing! He’s my buddy— we always have a good time, and this was no different. Watch or listen to Charley and I discuss GLM’s new “Hero & Icon” program that coaches lawyers out of the trench they are in now to the success model they can be in, like many others in the GLM Hero & Icon program.

Here’s what we cover in this podcast:

0:00​ Meet Charley Mann
2:24 Helping lawyers out of the trenches
4:00 Properly projecting success
6:14 Be honest with yourself
11:08 Recognize what you don’t know
15:18 Finding time for what you want to do
17:54 Great Legal Marketing has a plan
27:16 The Great Legal Marketing Journey
30:10 Hero vs. Icon
34:03 Internal Honesty
36:53 How to get in contact

Enjoy, and all the best,