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Jul 1, 2016

Google Analytics contains tons of information about your users—information you need to generate more website visitors, higher conversion rates, and better leads! It’s not enough to just see what’s happening on your website—the data in Google Analytics will tell you how to make better business decisions, and we can show you what to do with it. Watch to video and follow along with the slides to learn:

  • How to set up a custom dashboard
  • How to measure and track your goals and events
  • Which campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions
  • How to compare historical traffic trends
  • How to determine where your visitors are located
  • How to uncover your best and worst content
  • How to discover site errors

And what you should do with all of this information!

Your website is the hub and funnel of all your marketing efforts. If you don’t use the data to improve your marketing strategy, you will lose leads to the competition. 

You can also download the podcast or listen to the audio recording here: