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This Podcast provides business owners with a wealth of knowledge found nowhere else on the web. Our experts, who you can get to know below, will inform you of everything you need to know to succeed in web marketing. As you travel through all the different aspects of web marketing, make sure you check out the client testimonials for real-life examples of how our principles can be applied effectively.
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Foster Web Marketing is focused on our clients and followers success, which is why we provide monthly podcasts from our webinar presentations. Learn more about how to better market your law firm, medical office or other service business. Attract, convert, and retain more clients by working smarter and more efficiently. If you want to watch the full webinar go to for more information

Jul 1, 2016

Google Analytics contains tons of information about your users—information you need to generate more website visitors, higher conversion rates, and better leads! It’s not enough to just see what’s happening on your website—the data in Google Analytics will tell you how to make better business decisions, and we can show you what to do with it. Watch to video and follow along with the slides to learn:

  • How to set up a custom dashboard
  • How to measure and track your goals and events
  • Which campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions
  • How to compare historical traffic trends
  • How to determine where your visitors are located
  • How to uncover your best and worst content
  • How to discover site errors

And what you should do with all of this information!

Your website is the hub and funnel of all your marketing efforts. If you don’t use the data to improve your marketing strategy, you will lose leads to the competition. 

You can also download the podcast or listen to the audio recording here:

Feb 11, 2016

Most people don’t know who they should or should not hire—they just go with the applicant who has education and experience, or they’ll go with their gut feeling. More than anything, most hiring decisions are based on enthusiasm. 

This can be a toxic pattern! Are you hiring people because you have a really good feeling about them, or are you hiring people that will work well in their position AND with the rest of your team? It can be really difficult to know if you’re making smart hiring decisions. For most employers, they only really know if they’ve made the right decision once the new employee prospers or fails!

Jay Henderson has a 7 step system that will help create a team with the skill sets that balance each other out. Check out the podcast recording to learn more about Jay’s “secret sauce” and you can be confident in your hiring decisions.

When hiring a new employee, your job is to collect as much data as possible and remove all emotion. Jay can help you figure out the best way to collect that data and how to interpret what you see. One of the best and most objective ways to do this is through a performance analysis test. This mathematical test can’t be “cheated” and will give you impartial information. Even if a candidate has some red flags, they may actually be beneficial for the position you are trying to fill, and vice versa; looking perfect on paper does not mean the person will strive to do their best in the position.

Jay will help you understand the gaps in your hiring process so you can have your dream team, and work smarter, not harder! 

Feb 10, 2016

Buster Tate, Chief Operating Officer at Foster Web Marketing, joined us for the webinar: The Business of Running a Business.

Ever have those days when you're so busy that nothing gets done? Many business owners are already so wrapped up in their day-to-day responsibilities that they think they just don’t have time for a business plan. A business plan is a critical element of operating successfully! Buster’s incredibly impressive résumé—including 32 years with the Department of Defense and developing business models that are now part of the military doctrine used by civilian expeditionary teams—get us listening when he talks about business!

Listen and learn Buster’s strategic planning skills, including:

  • A strategy to analyze your current business plan to identify strengths and weaknesses,
  • A plan to define success for each area of your business and create goals based on this information,
  • How to bridge the gaps that are preventing you from becoming successful,
  • And how to implement the 80/20 concept to your business plan in order to save time and money and increase ROI.