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Sep 9, 2021

My best buddy and mentor, Ben Glass, texted me one Saturday morning with a link to a podcast called Built to Sell Radio. They were interviewing the owner of a marketing company and compared his firm to FWM. I was intrigued and immediately tuned in and headed out on my 3-miler walk. As I listened, I was blown away by the similarities between us.

So, am I seeing double or what? Wesley Mathews is another entrepreneur who grew his company, High Level Marketing, out of nothing and made it big. Wesley changed the game when he decided to create websites using his own proprietary CMS—and he built an entire business that he eventually sold.

That's smart business, so I invited him to be a guest on my podcast to tell us how he did it. It’s a fascinating story, and it will provide insight into how you might do the same thing with your business. We can all learn a lot from Wesley.

I also feel like I made a friend for life!

Here’s what we discuss:

  • How Wesley found success
  • WordPress vs. proprietary systems
  • Finding a niche for your business
  • How to maneuver through the corporate world
  • When you should sell your business